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Comply with local regulations. Everywhere

Jurisdiction mapping and a unified data feed from one platform

The time for an end-to-end solution
 for lodging tax compliance is now

Finally! A standardized API-based solution, that delivers lodging tax data in a single format, regardless of tax jurisdiction.
Available for 23 countries

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    Lack of (high-quality) data 

    Compliance with lodging tax requirements is particularly difficult because of lacking data resources. Due to their local nature, data on lodging tax is difficult to source.
And if you can find it, very often it won’t be in a digital format. 

    Let alone a format you can use.

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    Automation is the key to compliance at scale

    And even if you could source high-quality,  centralized data, how do you put it to use effectively? Indeed, by automation.
But automating the processing of tens of different sources, all in different format, still poses a mammoth challenge.

    Those days are now over.

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    API connectivity and a unified data-feed

    Trippz for Platforms removes all of the complexities you face when dealing with lodging tax data. Our unified data model guarantees a single feed for any jurisdiction that we cover. And yes, we also map your properties to the right jurisdictions.

    Lodging Tax Made Easy.

A peace of mind with a platform solid as a rock

  • It all starts with the data
    All across the globe, lodging taxes are locally oriented. As such, a local authority is typically in charge of setting the rules and rates. At Trippz, we have a dedicated team of specialists that work on sourcing and processing lodging tax data daily.

  • And then comes the formatting
    If we only could talk about one USP or our platform, it would be our unique unified data model. Even regulations that have over 2,000 different rates are still served in the same structure as those that have a single rate. Yes, we are proud of that!

  • A platform built from the ground up to do one thing only
    To serve our customers to comply with lodging tax requirements. That’s it! By incorporating as much customer feedback and feature requests as we can, we have a platform that truly serves our customers’ needs. All of them.

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Easy integration supported by true specialists

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  • Trusted by the world’s biggest platforms
    Trippz is integrated with the world’s most well-known and biggest accommodation platforms. As such, we have vast experience in supporting implementation in complex environments. We make sure it works. Like a breeze.

  • Not just any specialist
    We do one thing and one thing only, and that is lodging tax rules and rates data. Our team has deep technical knowledge on how to use this data to its full potential, but also on the actual rules and rates across jurisdictions.

  • No corporate service. Just service
    Although our product is easy to use, every now and then, customers need us, for questions or clarification. At Trippz we don’t have ticketing systems or support desks. You can just speak directly to us on Teams, Slack, or however you prefer. Human service in the digital age.

How Trippz works for Platforms

We eliminate the need for custom development and continuous engineering effort.
Our platform provides lodging tax data and jurisdiction mapping with a single integration


Download the data

Our lodging tax data is available as a download, to reside on your premises. From there you can utilize it in the most optimal way.


Map your properties to the right jurisdiction

Each property needs to have a mapping to a (tax) jurisdiction. Our service is available through API, where you can fetch a jurisdiction ID for each property address you send in.


Configure your rules

With the content on your premises and a jurisdiction ID for each property, you can now configure your ow business rules using the applicable tax rate(s).


Define your update policies

Having the data is one, keeping it fresh is another. Trippz provides a separate endpoint, dedicated to automated updates. You can set your own schedule to fetch updates on a regular, automated basis.

Countries that we currently cover

The world
Andorra Andorra
Aruba Aruba
Austria Austria
Cyprus Cyprus
Denmark Denmark
Finland Finland
France France
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Holy See Holy See
Iceland Iceland
India India
Ireland Ireland
Italy Italy
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Malta Malta
Monaco Monaco
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
San Marino San Marino
Spain Spain
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland
Türkiye Türkiye

Lodging Tax
Made Easy

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