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Lodging tax made...


  • 1,000's of tax rules
  • paper filings
  • cash payments
  • no insights
  • for experts


  • unified data feed
  • automated filings
  • digital payments
  • real-time dashboards
  • for everyone

The story of Trippz?

Good question! Who in his right mind thinks about starting a business in ‘Making Lodging Tax Easy’.

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  • One night around the campfire
    Actually, that’s not how it happened... Trippz is an idea born out of personal experience. Our founder Ingmar rented out a chalet in the Austrian mountains for a quite a while and at some point grew increasingly frustrated with the hassle and time involved around dealing with his lodging tax obligations.
    Collecting guest information, holding on to payments, receiving monthly invoices from the municipality.....there were no great customer experiences in this process for sure!

  • And then there was lunch
    On a sunny June afternoon Ingmar had a chat with a friend, who was working at the world’s biggest booking platform. As it turned out, lodging tax handling was also quite a challenge on their end. This is where the Trippz journey really took off.

  • So here we are
    The 30th of June 2020 Trippz was founded. Early 2024 we are proudly serving the world’s biggest travel platforms from our Lodging Taxes Platform, and offering our services to hosts and governments across the EU. The best part? That’s still to come!

Meet the Founders

Different skills, different mindsets, same goal

Ingmar Lambregts

Ingmar Lambregts

Dealing with lodging taxes on a regular basis, Ingmar felt it could and should be so much easier. Coming from a background of Customer Experience and Technology the outline for Trippz was born. 
All he needed was a few companions...

Bart Jan Holleman

Bart Jan Holleman

Having spent all his working life on the IT side of the Finance world, ex-neighbour of Ingmar (and long-time friend!) Bart Jan didn’t have to think long to jump into this entrepreneurial adventure at Trippz.

Jeroen Sijbom

Jeroen Sijbom

After sharing his secondary school life with Ingmar, Jeroen quickly went on a journey to Spain ánd full-stack-development. Whenever he is not coding, you will find him on the MTB trails in the Pyrenees (or whatever other mountains he can find), although he has relocated back to the Netherlands (for now).

We’re not a corporate company! Are we safe to work with?

  • Everything is about (data) security
    With the digitization of today's world, compliance with specific security standards is increasingly important. At Trippz, we are proudly SOC1 type 2 and SOC2 type 2 certified, showcasing our commitment to meeting stiff industry standards. We also comply with all regulations set out in the GDPR.

  • SOC1 type 2
    Compliance with SOC1 means Trippz takes a proven and solid approach to handling financial information. Our efforts are presented in a detailed report, audited over time, that makes sure we manage and protect all aspects of our business, as well as anything that might affect our customer' financial reporting.

  • SOC2 type 2
    SOC2 Type 2 is about keeping data and infrastructure well-managed and secure at Trippz. This report presents the way we handle (data) security, availability, and privacy consistently, showing our ongoing efforts to meet the highest standards.

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Our software is securely hosted in the EU

Illustration of Our software is securely hosted in the EU
  • EU only
    As a company, based in the Netherlands, we operate our services purely from within the EU. Our cloud-based servers are all EU-based and whatever data we need to store, we do it there.
    That’s all there is to say about it!

  • GDPR compliance
    Although SOC2 has an extensive privacy-scope, it does not cover all aspects of the GDPR. As such, we made sure that on top of SOC2 we also comply with all regulations set within the GDPR framework.

Is Trippz a great place to work?

We think so, but we also asked the actual team on what they think


Charlene Navias

UX Lead

“I can confidently say that Trippz is one of the best companies I’ve worked for. The team is always willing to listen to project feedback and are continuously coming up with new and innovative ideas. Management is always transparent, honest and ensure that along with the hard work, there is always time for fun. They also care about my professional development, career growth and work-life balance, which nowadays, is what makes for a valued company.”

Nuno Donato

Software Engineer

“One of the best aspects of Trippz is its strong culture of innovation. We're always open to changing what doesn't work and trying new approaches, even if it means challenging the status quo. This leads to increased productivity and a happier team!”

Rien Coertjes

Software Engineer

“Trippz trusts us to do our work the best way we see fit. It gives me the freedom the schedule my work around my personal life instead of the other way around. I love that I can go to pick up my daughter from daycare early or go for a bike ride during lunch, I make up the “lost” time in the evening or over the weekend.”

Clizia Campoccia

Content Editor

“Working at Trippz is incredibly rewarding. As part of a forward-thinking team, I'm constantly engaged in solving challenging problems in the travel industry, which keeps my work exciting. The company culture is supportive and values innovation, encouraging us to bring new ideas to the table. Plus, the focus on work-life balance and personal growth makes Trippz a place where I can truly develop my career.”

Frits Thijs

Marketing Director

“Trippz blends the flexibility and adaptability of a new, emerging firm with the professionalism required to engage with the world's largest corporations. This is exactly what I was looking for. Aside from that, the team is open, honest, and has a good sense of humor, which brings out the best in one another”

Eva Mwangi

Software Engineer

“The team is super supportive and a joy to work with. I'm grateful for how Trippz cares about work-life balance, keeping us healthy and driven. The flexible remote working approach is fantastic and keeps us productive. It's a really upbeat place to be!”

Izaak de Hesselle

Content Editor

“Working at Trippz has been an interesting and diverse experience so far. As a start-up the roles in itself aren’t necessarily very black and white, which allows you to take on multiple hats leading to diversification and development of your skills. Studying lodging taxes in itself continues to be an opaque process, but it’s a rewarding feeling to contribute, as Trippz, to creating clarity in this tax jungle.”

Interested in joining the team?

We have a great team and occasionally we have job openings
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