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Handle lodging taxes efficiently

With Trippz everything is done in a single platform

Say goodbye to loads of paperwork, tax leakage and manual labour

Trippz automates the handling of lodging taxes for (local) governments.
Our platform allows your staff to spend their time where it matters

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    The paper days are over
    Using paper forms for tax filing is like relying on a paper map in the age of GPSes. It's slow, often leads to mistakes, and is hard to audit. As a result, it is costly in financial terms, but also in government effectiveness.

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    Booking a trip is done in the digital space
    If guests book everything online, how much sense does it make for hosts and municipalities to still use paper for guest registration, tax collection and tax filing? None, at all.

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    The Trippz Way is the Easy Way
    Trippz for Governments is a complete, cloud-based solution that changes all of that. It takes care of registration, collection, and payout of lodging taxes, all automatically.

So many reasons to quit paperwork now

  • Nobody likes paperwork
    With Trippz, all of that is no longer necessary. No more guest registration forms, no more cash payments to hosts and no more paper filing. The best part? Everything is fully automated with minimal input required.

  • Paper filing and payments move slow
    Today, while using paper, many hosts still collect taxes directly from guests, who are then effectively guardians of those taxes, until filing. With Trippz, the tax for each booking is paid directly by the guest, into the Trippz escrow account, controlled by the payment provider.

  • Get in control of tax leakage and reduce bureaucracy
    For each completed booking, payouts are done automatically to your government, following the schedule set by you. This payout is made directly from the Trippz provided escrow account, that is also fully under your control. Accountability at booking and accommodation level is readily available in Trippz.

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Implementing Trippz is easy and requires no hardware or apps

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  • The booking system as your source of truth
    As we rely on booking data of accommodation providers, that connection needs to be super easy, which it is, since we’ve developed a wide variety of methods and connections to ensure a smooth setup.

  • People don’t like installing apps for everything
    It is for this reason that we don’t have one. Everything is browser-based, independent from whatever phone or computer is used. For guests, hosts, and governments it makes it easy to use at zero effort.

  • A standard solution for any government
    Trippz for Governments, is a solution for a problem many governments face: handling lodging tax effectively. Since lodging tax (roughly) works the same everywhere, it’s a great case for standardization. No need for each government to build their own system from scratch. Trippz already did it for you.

How Trippz works for Governments

Trippz is here for governments that seek to eliminate paperwork, errors and tax leakage.
Our platform automates all your lodging tax handling, so you can focus on governing


Connect accommodation providers

Tax calculations are done based on booking data provided by accommodation providers. Connecting to Trippz is a one-time effort after which booking data is synced automatically.


Tax calculation upon registration

Each guest will receive an automated notification, prior to arrival at their accommodation, to register their trip data with the government for lodging tax calculation purposes. These calculations are done with rates that have been set by you as government.


Pay upon registration or check-in

Depending on your governments configuration, the guest pays either upon registration or on the day of check-in. The payment is made digitally through the web app of Trippz and is held in the payment provider’s escrow till check-out.


Confirmation on check-out

Things in life can change rapidly, including a stay at an accommodation. Therefore, upon check out the guest re-confirms their trip data. In the case of any change during their stay, a re-calculation of the taxes is done, and the difference is either paid or refunded.


Taxes remitted automatically

At the end of each booking taxes have been paid into the escrow account of the Payment Service Provider (PSP). From there, it will be released to the government at a schedule set by you, controlled by you.
And of course, all booking history and payments is available, both for accommodation providers as well as the government.

Lodging Tax
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