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Be a responsible (and great!) Host

With Trippz this is easier than ever.

Always on top of your tax obligations and legal duties

Trippz is available to hosts whose daily job is not about tax and legal compliance.
Our app automates the handling of these requirements, so that you can focus on your guests

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  • It’s difficult to keep track
    Operating an accommodation business is subject to increasing regulation. Tax rules often change and keeping records of your guest’s data is mandatory across the board.

  • Governments don’t provide the tools
    Even though more and more requirements come up, governments still rely on the toolkit they know: paper. This is not a great experience for you, nor for your guests.

  • With Trippz it is finally made easy
    In our platform, your guest registration and tax calculation is done in one place. Everything is automated and in today’s look-and-feel, easy for everyone to use.

The era of physical paper ends today

  • The end of the guest registration form
    Many countries require hosts to collect guest information, but digital processes at the municipal level are rare. Filling in forms is typically the way it is done. With Trippz, you can capture it all digitally and in advance, provided by the guest.

  • No more calculating and collection of tax payments
    Trippz calculates the lodging taxes for each of your bookings on the data provided by the guests. Everything is fully automated, and the guest pays the tax directly through Trippz, using any available payment method. Payments are transferred to the municipality directly, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Everything in one place
    Not only are the days of paperwork behind you, going forward, everything you need to keep track of, is in a single place: Trippz. Whether you use a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or phone, it works on all devices, providing the perfect overview of your business.

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A smart digital experience for everyone

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  • Built by hosts
    Trippz started when the founders, who are hosts themselves, experienced the old-fashioned processes of handling tourist tax and guest registration. This could and should be a better experience. Here we are!

  • Trippz is for everyone
    Whether you rent out a room in your own home, operate a full-scale hotel or anything in between, Trippz is for you. We remove the administrative burden that comes with lodging operations, so that you can focus on your guests.

  • An easy-to-use platform that brings everything together
    Whether a guest, host, government or even a travel platform; where Trippz is used, the process is smooth and easy. No more exporting a file to upload somewhere else. No more typing data from a sheet into a digital form. None of that anymore. With Trippz, it’s all taken care of!

How Trippz works for Hosts

Our app automates all your lodging tax and guest registration handling.

You can spend your time where it matters most!


Setup your property

Setting up your property in Trippz is easy. The jurisdiction that your property is in, is automatically linked based on its location. That’s how we determine which guest registration and lodging taxes apply.


Let the bookings flow in

Next you start syncing your bookings. You can pull your calendars from booking platforms and if you use a channel manager, that’s also supported. Obviously, there is also the option to enter a booking manually, should you need to.


Collect your guest data

Guests receive a registration link to register their guest details 1 week prior to their arrival.  All the legally required information is provided upfront without you having to worry about it.


Process your tax payments digitally

On the day of check-in, guests confirm the data provided and Trippz automatically calculates what applicable taxes are due.  Payment is made digitally right then. The payment is set apart for being paid out to the relevant tax authority after check-out.


Never worry about filing anymore

On checking-out, any differences that might have occurred in taxes payable are dealt with. The payment then is released to the tax authority.
The booking and tax records are stored in your account and are also available to the tax authority.

Lodging Tax
Made Easy

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