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Lodging Tax Made Easy

A single solution built for travel platforms, governments, and accommodations, that automates the handling of lodging taxes.

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We simplify lodging tax so nobody needs to deal with any hassles.

Our products are catered for those who deal with lodging tax on a regular basis.
We streamline the process, making it straightforward and very easy

Trippz is where it all comes together

Get rid of annoying paperwork and tax fillings

Be a great accommodation provider and fulfill your legal obligations in a breeze. That’s what Trippz does for you!


Register and collect tourist taxes efficiently

Trippz automates all your lodging tax and registration processes. No more tax filings on paper or clunky web-forms. And automatic payments on a schedule you control!


Streamline tax compliance and operations

Increasing regulation and ever changing tax rates are a challenge for business operations. Trippz helps travel platforms to streamline tax compliance and operations, so more time is left for your core business.


Trippz in one minute

We make the handling of lodging tax as easy as possible.
No more paperwork, no room for error and less need for audits.

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Why Trippz is here

To give you superpowers . That’s the short answer.

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Surely you’ve experienced it yourself. You travel to a beautiful spot that you handpicked after sorting through hundreds of options. Everything is finally decided on and you book online.

But on arrival there’s this ‘one thing’ to take care off: providing your guest details for ‘registration and tax purposes’.....and the only thing you think is ‘didn’t I provide all of this already online ?’

And it doesn’t stop there. Whether you are a guest, a host, a government or the booking platform that organized the booking in the first place; this peace of the puzzle somehow is still missing.

But not anymore! Meet Trippz.